James Traies – 1785 – 1878 – the Tin Man

(1785 – 1878 Exeter to Kensington)
Family:  Father – Samuel Traies (1759 – 1840)
Mother – Jane Townsend (1754 – 1840)
Siblings: James (1784 – 1784),  Ann (born 1789)

Hannah unknown died March 1818
Ann Sutton (1791 – 1830)
Martha Looker (1794 – 1842)
Jane Berry (1792 – 1856)
Mary Jones (1795 – 1861)

Children:  Jane (1809 – 1810), Samuel (1810 – 1890), Ann (born 1812), James (1816 – 1855), Henry (1819 – 1894), Jane (born 1823), Hannah (born 1826), Emma (born 1827)

James Traies born 1785 in Exeter was baptised  16 March 1785 at St Mary Major, Exeter  to Samuel and Jane.  There are various mentions of James on records such as the 1803 Militia List for Holy Trinity, Exeter which mentions his occupation as Tin Man. James moved to London although we don’t know when, but there are possible family connections with the area.  It is thought he married a Hannah but the marriage has not been found.  Her death has been found in 1818 and soon after he married Ann Sutton on 8 October 1818 in Hackney.  (Marriage certificate has him as bachelor so questions remain to be answered)  By 1821 he lived at 37 Queen Street, Bryanston Square and through the 1820s there are various mentions in trade directories of James at the same address as a Tin Plate Worker and Brazier.   Ann died in 1830.  He was still at 37 Queen Street during the 1831 census. On 8 March 1831 he married Martha Looker at St Johns in Hackney and was described as a Widower.

He remained at 37 Queen Street according to Trade directories until 1839 when he was a witness at the Central Criminal Court and his address was Greyhound Row, Kensington Gravel Pits.

James was not found on the 1841 census but oddly his wife appeared to be living in Finsbury with a possible sister, Sarah Looker.  Martha died on 2 September 1842 in Greyhound Row, Kensington and James married Jane Berry on 13 November 1842 in Paddington.  He was a widower and Tin Plate Worker.  Curiously on the marriage certificate he described his father Samuel Traies as a gentleman which does not fit with his death certificate which had Tinker as occupation. It appears that Samuel worked in the Cloth industry, a common occupation in Exeter at that time.

In 1843 in the London Post Office Directory there is an entry for Henry Trailes (son) at 10 Notting Hill High Street, Tin Plate Worker but no mention of James.  In 1846 the London Post Office Directory has James at 10 Notting Hill High Street as a Tin Plate Worker.

By the time of 1851 census James lived at 11 High Street, Kensington with Jane and youngest girls Hannah and Emma. James was a Tin Plate Worker.  Also in 1851 the London Post Office Directory has an entry for James at 10 Notting Hill High Street, Tin Plate Worker, his son Henry also a Tin Plate Worker was now at Kensington Gravel Pits.

Jane died in 1856 in Kensington and James’s last marriage was to Mary Jones in 1857 in Paddington. Again he was a Tin Plate Worker living in Moscow Road. This time his father’s occupation is Draper.

For the 1861 census James lived at 3 Johnson Street, Kensington with his wife, Mary.  No other family members were with them.  James was a Tin Plate Worker.  Mary died on 13 October 1861 in Kensington and in the 1871 census James lived alone at 111 Buckingham Street, Kensington. He had no recorded occupation.  James died on 18 August 1878 at 55 Swinbrooke Road, Kensington due to Natural Decay.

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