My Family History book part 2

Readers of this blog may remember that back last summer I bought a copy of ‘My Family History book’.

My Family History book
My Family History book

I have spent the last five months or so working my way through it and finding where the gaps are in my research for me to fill.

It has been a brilliant aid because as I fill in each person I spend some time looking at the gaps I have and quickly seeing if I can find details.  My plan is to spend more time when the whole book is filled, doing extensive gaps.  However it is amazing what a 5 minute quick search can bring up.

My great x 4 grandfather Corles Baldwin and his wife Esther are parents to Thomas born 1815 in Ireland who emigrated to Canada and William Henry born 1829 in St Giles in the Field, Middlesex, (my great x 3 grandfather).  There clearly must be other children between these two.  I decided to check the baptism records for St Giles in the Field which are now available as part of my Ancestry sub.

Eureka!  I found another 3 children!  William born and died 1823 at 2 months old, Sarah baptised in 1824 and Henry baptised in 1833 and died in 1834 at less than a year old.  So my William was not the youngest child and it also gives me another clue as to when Corles and Esther came to England, before 1823.

More research to do later this year!  A possible marriage for Sarah as I was unable to find a death for her as a child for starters.  Other families are proving as exciting as I work my way through the book.


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My Canadian Baldwin cousins

In 2010 I put forward a part of my family tree for the Scavenger Hunt on Rootschat, a weekly quest for various members to concentrate their research into helping one of the other members.

For more information see the Scavenger Hunt.

I wanted to see if I could fit in two Baldwins I had found who emigrated into the family of Corlis and Hester Baldwin, my 4 x great grandfather who came from Ireland to London sometime before 1829.  I’ve still not been able to fit Henry at the beginning of the hunt into my family.  But bit by bit the information pointed to the fact that Thomas was the son of Corlis and Hester Baldwin.  Although seeing his birth or baptism record of course would once and for all prove it.

The evidence is thus far:  according to all the census records I have seen for Thomas he was born c 1817 in Ireland.  The marriage certificate for Thomas Baldwin and Margaret Morgan, 1839 in St Giles in the Field, Middlesex, gives Thomas’s father as Corlis Baldwin, shoemaker which my Corlis was.  Thomas was also a shoemaker.

There is also Thomas and Margaret’s first son who was born in 1840 and died 1844.  He was called Corlis and according to various sources in old Irish naming patterns, the first son was always named after the father’s father.  Certainly the second son, John was named after Margaret’s father, as per the marriage certificate.  The third son was named Thomas after his father, all right so far.  Does that then mean that Thomas (snr) had an eldest brother called James – the fourth son, and did Margaret have an eldest brother William. This is yet to be found out.

Also Thomas and Margaret were living in St Giles in the Field, the same parish as Corlis and Hester/Esther with their youngest son, William (my 3x great grandfather).  I need to check out where Little Denmark Street is in relation to Buckridge Street to see how close they were.

I continue to research this interesting family who ended up in Keppel, Canada, and have recently found 3 grandsons who all fought in WW1, one died and is commemorated on the Menin Gate.

If you have any information about this family please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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